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Friday, 15 January 2010

researching, Faith, Hope, & Healing, for an inspiration

I'll start with wishing everyone a Happy-Healthy New Year.
Next I would like to tell my family, alllll of them........A Very Big Thank-You for a truly heart and soul warming Holiday Visit.

I was at the Library and looking at the newly acquired books and this one just spoke to me.

"Faith, Hope & Healing, by Bernie Siegel and Jennifer Sander".

It is a collection of inspiring lessons/stories learned from people living with Cancer.
I started reading it as I was waiting for a Dr.'s appt.
In the introduction they speak of the so-called curses in life that can become blessings, and an illness can help us come alive as human beings.
The side effects of cancer can become the labor pains by which we give birth to ourselves and lives we were meant to live.
The side effects empower us to nourish our lives, just as hunger forces us to seek nourishment for our bodies.

So........Not sure of the labor pain thing-a-ma-jingy, but the empower us to nourish....seemed to resonate for moi.

Since I have started this blog, the combination of sharing health, nutrition, recipes, and my struggles with depression. I have felt a lightening of my spirit. It is difficult to share the uglier, shamefilled, guilt-inducing thoughts I experience, tho somehow it also liberates me.
Doesn't make it easier to start a blog, or share, but the rebound of not feeling like I am contributing to the prison the chemical imbalance brings and, that slowly bit by bit I am building something by sharing my passion for nutrition and healthy food helps me feel like I am contributing something.

Sooo... the whole Universe does not revolve around surviving, that I am building something. A life maybe.

My hope is that you all will send me your health and nutrition, or food and recipe questions, and that in researching and answering them, my passion will be served/ignited, and the rest will follow.

Food Facts: the book "The Top 100 foods for a Younger You"

Fact is Foods bursting with nutrients are the cornerstone of looking and feeling great

The right foods can slowdown aging including wrinkle, dull skin, lifeless hair and strengthen the immune system.

AGING WELL IS AN ART. Who knew????!!!!

Sooo...Eat or Drink more

Foods loaded with Vitamin C--counteracts free radical damage and maintain healthy skin

Mango has Vit.- C, E, beta-carotene, and fiber

The recipe of the week--Mango's are in season, oh ya...

Mango Lassi- 2 cups plain yogurt ( I use skim because I like to save my fat calories for the good stuff) 2 mangos ( small atulfo mangoes= 1 med/lg haden mango)
8 ice-cubes
Yummmmm, If you have a powerful blender I throw in a few almonds for the extra protein and good oils.

I'll do a review of foods and Vitamin content and share it next time.