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Friday, 24 June 2011

Up to MY Eyeballs in crapppppp......not for long.......

So tomorrow is Friends For Life Annual Yard Sale.

Mike is bringing a truck tomorrow sometime between 0900hrs
to 1100hrs. Gonna Give Give Give.

Declutter my home, life.................

So a very productive day. House is is a mess, until....
the Truck carries the mess awayyyyyyy.....

Yup Yup Yup!!!!

Barbara sounds like she's doing up London right!!!
Luckeeeeee Ladeeeee!!!!!!!
I'm verra happy for her.

AmyKatherine, keepin' tabs on you on facebook, hugs!

Rick just finished first week of new job, always a tough one
navigation the new peoples.

Dat's All For Now!


Monday, 20 June 2011

Wellll Helllll's Belllls!!!!!!

The caption under the caricature of my life says "Lost in Spaaaaaace"

As in I'm a space cadet!!!!!!
And as we all know there are worse things to be.

Right. So an eventful week has just passed, cracked molar, crown prep.
Thought I had food poisoning turned out to be a staph infection.
No Worries.

Today had a couple more years of taxes done at the advocates office.
so only 5 left. This is a good thing.

Hope Baltimore is treating you well, Shae.
Have some Maryland Blue Crab for moi.

L2 hope Saskatoon is loving you well, and the trip is going smoothly.

Barb is in London, sipping wine with Tanya and 10 friends. Nice..

Rick's at his new job, or rather Richard, Man I bet you don't even turn around when
people call you Richard.

I know when I hear some call Marlene, I look around to see who it is.
As in not moi. I'm Mar

Sun is breaking out and it is getting Steamy!!!!

Aunt B. hope those bungs and bruises are healing up.

Guess that's all folks,

Friday, 3 June 2011

Hellooooo World.....sun is out, housecleaning is on track.....

Day 2 of this house will be clean.........

Yesterday, all laundry, and all drapes and curtains done.
Big Job.....

Spoke with cuz Linda yesterday, it was grrreat to hear her voice.
Linda, you rock.

Aunt B As my sister Shae says, Be Gentle with yourself.
I'm thinkin' of you. hugs.

Gonna check chapters this w/e and see if their Paperback sale
Buy 3 get 4th free is on. They didn't have one at Christmas this year.

That's it, gonna go buy some food for supper.