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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Summer in Ottawa and Montreal, and of course food...

Hey There Everyone
Was speaking with my sister Shae, and she had bumped into Gloria who had commented that there hadn't been a recent blog....
Soooo my inspiration for this one is my sister, and Gloria.

Food Mystery
My cousin Barbara has been getting serious indigestion after eating chickpeas.
In trying to source out the cause of her distress, I happened across an article in "Canadian Living"
"Best Sleep Ever"
The article states that foods with Tryptophan (an amino acid)
has a relaxing effect on your brain by becoming serotonin,
a neurotransmitter that slows nerve traffic and helps your body manufacture
the sleep hormone melatonin.

Foods with Tryptophan
turkey, milk bananas, figs, dates,oats, eggs, chickpeas, potatoes and peanuts.

Sooo this food detective thought she had solved the mystery.
Turns out not so much.
Back to the drawing board.

Personally I would like to thank my whole family, Phenix's, Shanks', Corbett's, McNeils', Woods',
and if I left anyone out, you too. For a wonderful reunion and celebration.
Cheers to Mado and Rick, Hosts par Excellence.

I am in Montreal @ Barbara's
Saw My friend Michele today and her hubby Frank, and Her Kids, Sabrina, Adam, Michael, Matt, and spoke to Melanie on the phone. We will do our pilgrimage to Portuguese restaurant for grilled squid, octopus, and shrimp on Thursday.

Oh... I think I hear Barb and Tonya, looks like I may get dinner after all.
Meanwhile I'm sipping wine listening to the crickets.

Personally, I think I am well, finding enough time for therapeutic swims, walks, and reading,
As balanced as is possible when one is away from home.