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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

courage is fear holding on for one more minute

Paraphrased from this months Alive Magazine

Moving Meditation helps pain.
i believe it helps All Pain--

Combining Meditation with physical activity improves our health.

For me listening to music focuses my mind and Walking changes the way i think.
one example of this is, within two blocks of my home, as I begin my walk, the world falls away, and my mind focuses on music and breathing and I feel psychologically lighter. It changes the way I think. It's some of my best Therapy.

Food Facts

Short and Simple--After having spent a week in the Okanagan, eat more fresh food.
Fruit and fresh veg are spectacular right now.
Indulge in Nature's Bounty.

Mutti you were missed!

A Nod to Aunt Lucille and Linda and a welcome to my Blog.
I have added you both to the automatic email list.
Please feel free to let me know when you want off the automatic list.
This is not everyones's cup of tea.

I am off to Ottawa on Thursday morning,
There is a Family Reunion At Rick and Mado's and I am looking forward to seeing all of you.
Golf on Friday, and Big Do on Saturday.

Lenny this is an Official invitation to attend the Golf and Family Do. I hope you will consider it.
everyone else, see ya there.
I am coping, and not feeling up to dissecting any further.
Packing lists, etc.......
hugs y'all.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

2nd attempt by my touch and moi

No nutrition tips today

I'm in Vernon,my Uncle P.J's Memorial
Was yesterday,Aunt Lucille held up admirably
And she was grafeful to be surrounded
By so many friends and family.
Mutti was missed. Many people were asking
About.her and wishing she was here and
Sending their warmest regards
Hugs to all mar

OkY this o es CEO