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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

courage is fear holding on for one more minute

Paraphrased from this months Alive Magazine

Moving Meditation helps pain.
i believe it helps All Pain--

Combining Meditation with physical activity improves our health.

For me listening to music focuses my mind and Walking changes the way i think.
one example of this is, within two blocks of my home, as I begin my walk, the world falls away, and my mind focuses on music and breathing and I feel psychologically lighter. It changes the way I think. It's some of my best Therapy.

Food Facts

Short and Simple--After having spent a week in the Okanagan, eat more fresh food.
Fruit and fresh veg are spectacular right now.
Indulge in Nature's Bounty.

Mutti you were missed!

A Nod to Aunt Lucille and Linda and a welcome to my Blog.
I have added you both to the automatic email list.
Please feel free to let me know when you want off the automatic list.
This is not everyones's cup of tea.

I am off to Ottawa on Thursday morning,
There is a Family Reunion At Rick and Mado's and I am looking forward to seeing all of you.
Golf on Friday, and Big Do on Saturday.

Lenny this is an Official invitation to attend the Golf and Family Do. I hope you will consider it.
everyone else, see ya there.
I am coping, and not feeling up to dissecting any further.
Packing lists, etc.......
hugs y'all.

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