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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Lululemon has let me down.

I haven't written for a long while.  I've had a rough go of it.
losing my mother and best friend in short order has knocked me
for a loop.
My med-resistant depression has a foothold and even with light therapy for the
darkness I am struggling.
That being said. My sister put up a link to fit-quest trainer blog and I had to agree.

Lululemon, I began buying your clothes when you were on 4th avenue, in a sparse upstairs space that had sewing machines and a couple of clothing racks.

I have personally gifted your clothes to many people.  I have believed in your
clothing and your brand.
Over the last 10 years I have been battling depression and dealing with the menopause from hell.
My middle is thicker now even with regular exercise.
There haven't been shirts that fit me in years.
Everything is long very fitted and long waisted.
The Pants haven't had a real waist band in years.
Only drop waist, which doesn't fit menopause belly well.  It sits right on
the thick part and rubs.

Lululemon have eliminated thousands of women in middle age who are unable to find attractive, comfortable exercise wear.

This new issue with the lesser quality material and comments from lululemon defending the pilling on the pants is crap.
I have pants 15 years old that don't pill like pants from 2 years ago.
The original fabric was more substantial and had a tighter weave so there was no thinning or pilling.

Get With The Program.
Do Not Allow Success to mess with and disappoint the many loyal women out there who were counting on You.

That kinda covers it for now.