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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

One more day down

Thank the Universe for Friends.
A phone call this evening has helped me purge some of this poison in my mind.
The vultures of depression have stopped relentlessly circling my brain so I'm hoping
That a few words here may pave the way for some true sleep tonite.
It has been a struggle this evening and I'm brewing a whopper of a headache.
Gonna do my yoga and Elaine Petrone's breathing techniques.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The darkness has descended and hope is in short supply

The depression I battle always deepens as the darkness grows.
I am doing lite therapy and working at regular exercise and good nutrition
And it still feels like the walls of my life are coated in vaseline and I am inexorably
Sliding down into the abyss.
It is an almost physical pain my psyche hurts so much.
The belief that this will end is being rubbed out.
It has become hard to remember what is possible when the pain and darkness is not so complete.
It frightens me to lose track of that because the hopelessness imprisons my mind and feeds the worthlessness to the point where life is not worth living.
I am banking on the fact that getting the poison out of me and on the page may help me to sleep tonite and tackle another day.
I find myself singing I will survive and hearing Donna Summers voice in a very faint refrain in the back of my brain
God Bless