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Monday, 7 June 2010

Arrivaderci Roma, deep sigh..suns out-she's on her way

This Ellie Krieger book "The Food You Crave" rocks!

The Skinny on Meat
-Meat is not only crave-ably delicious, it can also be quite healthful if you do it right
-Red meats like beef,lamb,and pork are loaded with essential nutrients like protein,zinc,iron,and B-vitamins.
-The trick is to get all that good stuff without overdoing calories and saturated fat.

--choose cuts that make the "under 10" cut-off. That is 10 grams of fat or less per 3 ounce portion
--such cuts qualify as lean, whereas less than 5 grams of fat means the're extra-lean
--to put that in perspective, a 3 oz. skinless chicken breast=3grams fat
--3oz.skinless chicken thigh=9.2 grams fat
--go for the cuts with "loin" or "round" in their names
EXTRA LEAN---FAT GRAMS---------------LEAN-------------FAT GRAMS
beef top round---3.4-------------------lamb leg top round-------6.0
beef eye of round-3.5-------------------beef flank steak---------6.3
pork tenderloin---4.1-------------------beef top loin strip steak---6.5
ham-----------4.2-------------------pork loin---------------7.7
beef top sirloin---4.7-------------------beef tenderloin----------7.8
------------------------------------lamb loin chop-----------8.0
------------------------------------ground beef 90%lean------9.8
TRIM----all visible fat before cooking
PORTION-4-5oz uncooked------3-4oz cooked(about the size of a deck of cards)

Separate raw from ready to eat.
Sore raw meats, poultry, and seafood in a dish on the bottom shelf of the fridge.(cold drops-coldest spot)
Wash hands, surfaces, cutting boards and utensils with hot soapy water.
I put my sponges/kitchen cloths in the microwave for 1 minute on high at the end of the day to kill bacteria.

Meat Thermometer---the surest way to get good results that are not overcooked is to use an instant read thermometer.
Put in thickest part of meat not touching bone.
Remember---Temperature will rise by @ 5 degrees as it rests after cooking.

Shellfish and Cholesterol---good news--Shrimp, crab, lobsters and the like are high in cholesterol,
BUT---it turns out that only cholesterol that is accompanied by saturated fat and trans fat that you eat is a factor.
These Delicacies from the sea are incredibly low in fat. Rich in protein and Zinc, HOLD THE BUTTER DIPPING.

As For Moi;
I'm hangin', see the specialist tomorrow, sooo we shall see....
Barb suck every last drop of fun out of Roma and throw a coin in The Trevi Fountain for moi.
Shae get's to town for bizness tomorrow, and will be with moi, Fri/Sat,backhome Sun.
Fit-walked to Kits library today, sunny and warm
Dat's All Folks

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

well whaddya know, sun cracks in da sky

Food Facts


While cheese is high in calcium and protein, much of it is also packed with saturated fat and calories.
What's a health conscious cheese lover to do?

--Choose Cheese naturally lower in fat
--softer cheese like feta, fresh goat cheese (chevre), and neufchatel ( like cream cheese) naturally have about 1/3 less fat than hard cheeses such as cheddar.

Skip Nonfat and Use reduced-fat cheese where it works
--Taking all the fat out of cheese usually leaves it rubbery and tasteless. So I say don't bother.
But lower fat cheese like part-skim ricotta and mozzarella, reduced fat cheddar and lowfat cottage cheese have enough fat so the taste isn't compromised.

A Little goes a long way.
--sometimes only the full fat version will cut it. In that case a little of a strong flavoured cheese
Parmesan, blue, gorgonzola, and extra sharp cheddar---goes a long way.

As for Moi, Took me until 1547hrs. but I'm bloggin' and on my way out for a walk.
On the medical front, I have an Appt. with the specialist Tuesday June 8th, sooo the Universe smiled on moi, and the Medical Office Assistant who was in today was Capital H helpful.
Bless her!
Dat's all