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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

denial can be a positive coping strategy

Welcome Back from Mar's personal purgatory

sooo, food stuff first to distract me from moi!
Eating foods rich in iron and vitamin B12.
spinach, almond, cashew nut, quinoa, lentil, kidney bean, sardines.
Lamb and beef for an iron boost in case of low hemoglobin.

avoid stimulants such as coffee chocolate and sugar for at least 5 hours prior sleep.
Remember anything processed ie: things made with white flour, alcohol....turn into sugar.
they can interrupt sleep patterns or cause blood sugar highs and lows.
when snacking eat foods with natural sugars to keep blood sugar stable.
foods to eat:
grapes, oranges, prunes, fig, spinach, sweet potato, peanuts, pumpkin seed, whole wheat, quinoa, lentil, kidney bean, haddock, oyster, chicken, parsley ginger, coconut oil.

I am struggling with health crap. So used to keeping it all inside that I'm kinda in failsafe mode again. is the breakout day.
I figure now that I've got a crack in the ice of my mask mode, I will chip away over it the next little while and share. verry tough to do. So one chip at a time, and voila.
That's my plan.
later y'all