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Sunday, 26 September 2010

trepidations, falters, rewrites.......bugger it , all of it.

I have a great article on how to starve cancer cells I saw on the Dr. Oz show.
I haven't shared it b/c I didn't want to talk about moi.
and my deal with myself is when I blog I have to share some of me. I go

5 Foods to Starve cancer--angiogenesis (Dr. William Lee)
food is a medicine we take every day.---stop bad blood vessels from feeding cancer tissue

Bok choy---contains boracinin---1/2 cup X 3 per week

Cooked tomatoes---lycopene----2-3 cups per week--heat in evoo=makes molecules more available to body

Flounder----mild white fish--omega 3--anti-angiogenic----3 X 6oz per week

strawberries---elogic acid in seed and pulp---antioxidant and anti-angiogenic

Artichokes--3 different anti-angiogenic molecules--1/4 cup artichoke per day

As for Moi---- conflicted on many fronts, will elaborate more when i am not locking down my mind to contain anxiety.
I have a minor surgical procedure tomorrow--Hysterotomy-- they will remove 5 mm of uterine wall and 2 adenomanous polyps.
All being well I will be home by 14oohrs, my friend Lori is picking me up.
That's it folks