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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wow, Kimmi has given me inspiration to write...

August 29th, 2012

Received a message on Facebook from my friend of 30 odd years Kimmi.

She has started using Facebook and saw the link to my blog and read some entries.

She said she thought I wrote beautifully and that she could feel my pain.

Sooo I thought what the hey!  Let me jot down a few thoughts.

Firstly, thank-you Kimmi for being you, for making a comment, and for touching my heart.
As Always, you seem to have a direct line to my insides.

It's been a colossally difficult few months.
Mutti was in the ICU for a couple of months, then in Hospital ward.
Now she is in a Nursing Home, and has Community Nursing Support to see if
she will be able to manage there.
It's been about a month and it's iffy but so far she's still there.

Aunt B. has pneumonia which sucks and makes my heart heavy.

Shae and Bob are wrung out from being sole support for Mutti's needs in and out of Hospital.

It's my Cousin Carol's Birthday today!  Happy Day Carol!

It's an emotional time in Windsor/A'burg these days.
The loss of Shawn in March.  Brehan,Alyssa & Deb's heavy heavy hearts.
Finding your way thru pain and loss of this magnitude is a life changer.
Coping with grief and navigating these difficult emotional seas requires
learning new strategies and cognitive steps to apply .
We have to build new pathways to move forward or fall prey to the danger of denial and alcohol to get from day to day.

Saying a whole bunch of extra prayers to the Universe to light the way for the People I love who are struggling.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Discerning Dish book blog is my new home........

Come visit me there, I read so many books as a coping strategy for my depression and anxiety--
I've decided to to a book blog---
Instead of delineating my miseries for public consumption a book blog takes my coping strategy and shares the fruits of my labour.
I hope to see ya there.