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Monday, 30 November 2009

interesting Eco-Info

Courtesy of The Big Green Cookbook

A Planet-friendly bite

Bamboo is a fast-growing, truly renewable resource. In fact, it's one of the fastest growing plants on Earth.
Since it has a uniquely short growth cycle, it can be harvested in less than five years versus the twenty that is typical for many hardwoods. And it doesn't need replanting because of its large root network.

Unfortunately, dairy foods, including cheese, are responsible for some of our greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, every food or beverage category has some impact on the environment. But there's no need to give up cheese. Just enjoy "real" cheese, not the processed stuff. Choose organic, local , or artisanal cheese varieties that are handmade in small batches, whenever possible. And then savour them like fine wine.

Go Local: If you can only find hoisin sauce that's imported or not-so-natural, then make your own "local" preservative-free, hoisin-like sauce with mainly organic ingredients.
Mix together 1/4 cup naturally brewed soy sauce, 2 TBSP. peanut or almond butter, 1TBSP mild foral honey, 1TBSP rice vinegar( preferably brown rice vinegar), 2tsp. sesame oil, and a few drops of your favorite hot pepper sauce.
This sauce goes great on lettuce wraps, soo easy and delicious.
Sautee your choice of ingredients, veggies, chicken, or pork, and fill lettuce leaves with the mixture, squeeze lemon and drizzle with homemade hoisin. Yummm

Use it, don't lose it---#1--have leftover olive juice, add more interest to salad dressings, or use the olive juice to make a dirty--or extra dirty--martini. Then sip while enjoying your appies and salad.
#2--if you don't use all parts of a citrus fruit in a recipe, consider other edible uses.
Zest the peel for added flavour or flair. ( one of my fave pump up the flavour tricks)
After using the juice, remove the rest of pulp and membranes from the peel and freeze in container. Add to breakfast shakes(with assorted berries- pumps up the Vit C + antiox values).
Or add to salad dressings with olive oil salt and pepper, and favorite spices and herbs, and Garlic of course.

Had a nice chat with Barb just now. twas lovely.

As for moi, dark and rainy, sooo ick. Had a break in the rain and got out for a walk Yesterday, was mild and the fresh air smelled great. A touch of sun didn't hurt. Trying to rebuild my physical fitness, so 15 push-ups x 2 daily, and walked for 20 minutes yesterday and came home and napped.
The pleurisy, which is a membrane at the base of the lung is not improving in a proper time frame, sooo another round of those ugh body bashing antibiotics. Yay modern medicine.
Sooo, I am using the reflect and redirect, otherwise known as avoid avoid avoid when it comes to symptoms of depression. Will build slowly on tried and true methods of redirection, The good news is I have it firmly implanted in recent memory cells that these increasingly severe symptoms do not last forever, that like the darkness the Seasonal component of my illness requires a more vigilant use of my coping strategies so they cannot gain to great a foothold on my psyche.
All that mumbo jumbo means is I'm doing my lite therapy and being careful to not dip to far down the mood scale, without employing my methods for surviving.
guess that's it.
bye for now.

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