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Monday, 4 April 2011

Yup, took a licking but still ticking.....


First day up and nausea and dizziness persist.
Called to delay appt with doc from 1000hrs to 1315hours
cabbed it to the appt. first round of stitches removed.
Splint removed and Doc was pleased with result.
My nose will be wider across the bridge but today
looks positively bulbous.
good thing I'm not vain......anymore......course tuff be
vain with a Jimmy Durante look alike on your face.

Of course I'm exaggerating (ha) to make a point.
I hope.
Anyways home , wiped out , went as well as could
be expected, need to be extra careful with no splint
to protect it.
6-15 weeks to see how transplanted cartilage will settle
and keep the airway open.

gonna head back to bed.
will check in with y'all in the next few days.

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