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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Did it again, Mannnnnn

Whew, made it to the main frame.
I guess that housekeepin' took more out of me than I thought.
I Did the whole change the duvets from Winter to spring/fall, and rotate mattress and foamie t'ing.
Than started gathering/organizing all the recycling.
Sort mail into action and trash piles.
Rearrange bookcase to some semblance of order.
Picked up all the crap that lives on the floor, leg weights, runners, socks, pillows ( don't ask, this is me we're talkin'bout)
Soooo next up is the vacuum, don't have to dust b/c Carol and John were here a couple of weeks ago, and I did my semi annual sweep of all flat surfaces and electronics before they arrived.
I'll have 2 recycle bins, and more papers and mail to file tomorrow, and laundry.......I do it every month or so, soooo I have worn everything I own, 4 sheets, pillowcases,.......

Now gonna watch the curling final, Go Scotland Go

Dat's all for now folks, I hear the NaNa music of bugs bunny in the background. ( of my mind of course)

Ciao M

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