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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

healthy shmelthy, tiny bladders .......

Ha, I got ya didn't I. What has tiny bladders got to do with anything.
Well I'll tell ya, after yesterdays rigamarole, today I have a pelvic ultrasound booked at 7:30 pm, and I have to drink a liter of water and not pee until after the ultrasound.
Sounds easy???? Nay, I say thee nay!!! Not Easy.
This is the girl who drinks a bottle of water and pees 3 times.
Unt Zo, my strategic brain is trying to work out zee exact formula for a successful outcome.
So Far 1 liter of water takes approximately 30 minutes to propel me to empty my bladder, in the morning.
For some reason as the day progresses my bladder empties more often with less in it.
All of this to say I have had to stop the experiment because I am experiencing water intoxication!!!!! a potentially fatal disturbance in brain function that results when the normal balance of electrolytes is pushed outside of safe limits by overconsumption of water.
Soooo, I started this experiment to keep my overactive imagination from running away with all the worst case scenarios it came up with while I was sleeping. (post uterine biopsy, d&c, and syst removal, while said brain waits for pathology results)
I shoulda just stuck to what works, stay in bed and read.
There , I feel better now and hopefully everyone gets a chuckle at my expense, I'm good with that.

Meanwhile on the food front: Breaking News...
Pistachios just got healthier. (unsalted of course)
Researchers investigating human cholesterol levels found that when pistachios accounted for 10 to 20 % of study participants' daily energy intake the participants LDL levels were 12 % lower than those in people who ate no pistachios at all.
The lipid lowering effect of the nuts is due not only to their fatty acid content but may also be attributed to high levels of fiber and phytosterols.

Did You Know: If you're a citrus zester ( and you should be!!!) Be sure to rinse your orange or lemon/lime in hot water for approx. 20seconds before zesting to remove wax and any potential pesticide that is sprayed on the fruit. The wax coating helps prevent moisture loss and makes your fruit last longer but it shouldn't be ingested.

There I did it. This past month has been a tuff one and every time I thought Oh I should write something I just felt I didn't have anything nice to say or the energy to say anything about my reality.
Today I decided I'd share my idiot experiment with y'all and look I did have something to say, I even chuckled to myself as I was writing.
Sooo the lesson I have learned again today is, This illness may impose many difficult emotional and mental hurdles, and today I beat it because I talked about it. So down but not out today.
Good 'nuf.
bye y'all

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