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Friday, 23 April 2010

Love, hugs, support. All Gratefully received.

A trying week to be sure. A little more sleep last nite. The pain is more manageable, and the rest is up to the Universe.

Today, off to the Doc, buy some fresh Veg and Fruits for smoothies, and satisfy my craving for steak with mushrooms and salad with blue cheese/yogurt dressing. yummm, I am actually hungry today.

I hope the travelling Phenix's are all safe.

Salt today is as over-processed as a twinkie!! Both chemical and high-temperature refining actions strip away naturally occurring nutrients in salt: notably magnesium, potassium iodide and other trace minerals.

Organic Sea Salt contains more than 80 nutrients, while free-running commercially available table salt is stripped of almost all of its naturally occurring nutrients. And have you ever wondered how salt is kept free running?? Several harmful chemicals are added, including aluminum compounds, just so you can pour salt easily.
Sea Salt is a vastly superior naturally occurring substance that lends a delicious flavour to foods and provides valuable nutrients, Particularly magnesium and calcium sulfates. Look for light-gray naturally extracted varieties.

Historically it is a fastin food used in biblical days during times of hardship. It is made of wheat, barley, broad beans, lentils, millet and spelt. Ezekiel bread would last for days in the desert.

Ezekiel bread uses sprouted grains, which help release all the energy from the bread's assorted grains, making it easier to digest. It is a highly nutritious bread and something to consider for adding fiber and protein to your diet.

You can find a recipe for Ezekiel bread in the EAT CLEAN DIET COOKBOOK.

This article was a hoot!!! HELP!! I don't like fish.
Fish is a superior food because it is a source of highly and easily digestible protein as well as a healthy fat, which keeps our brains functioning properly......The flesh of sole is white and the flavour is unobtrusive. You can cook it in minutes, even if it is still frozen. I usually cover it with scallions and lemon slices and toss it into a 400 degree oven for 8 minutes. ( Rick's method for cooking rainbow trout vindicated in Sommerville tastes tests and now in print)

That's it today, quick and dirty instead of long laboured over and never executed.

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