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Thursday, 1 January 2015

One Photograph Every Day for One Year

Sooo, I have decided I wanted to change my stars in a very concrete way.
It is something that has been bubbling inside of me for a while.
My health has been challenging me in new and different ways, as well as some ongoing ones.

I continue to battle Depression, and flare ups of PTSD.
I have some surgery coming up on January 13th.
In November I was diagnosed with viral labyrinthitis and vertigo.

To say I am struggling is a vast understatement.

The debilitating nausea caused by the labyrinthitis has immobilised me.
Sometimes it is so sensitive I must lie completely still and even small movements of my head
may cause a painful increase in the nausea and a tilting of the universe on it's axis.

I have had a couple of falls, one concussion and am now using my walking poles when I leave the house.  Thank You Barbara for that tip. It had completely escaped me.

All of these things being out of my control is frustrating the hell out of moi.

I use exercise and nutrition to cope with the depression and ptsd, and at the moment the exercise is off the table. Sooo no endorphins is slowly crushing me.  I have reached the White Knuckle and sheer Willpower stage and am unsure how long I can maintain this.

My Solution is to have a goal

This Goal is To Take 1 Photograph Every Day For One Year.

My brain and view of my world and the world at large is already shifting
Looking at my surroundings with this goal in mind is awakening new perceptions.
I am surprised and humbly grateful.

So the quest begins and I will post my pictures and chronicle my journey with the goal of changing my stars, being in the moment, and finding a healthy place in which to exist.


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