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Friday, 28 August 2009

Hazy weather, hazy brain, in sync with something ha!

Health factoid of the day, courtesy of "Eat This Not That"
The Bone Builder, ARUGULA, 1cup of these leaves has 10 percent of the bone building mineral found in a glass of whole milk and 100% less saturated fat. also some magnesium in every bite, more protection against osteoporosis.
How to Buy Arugula, Pick Emerald Green Leaves, not yellow or limp. the smaller the leaf the less pungent the peppery bite.
1)try to buy with the roots on, 2) enclose roots in damp paper towel 3) use green veg bags
THE PAYOFF- Vitamin K, which may improve insulin sensitivity, offering protection against Diabetes. Now that has to be a good thing.

As to Moi, When I feel physically challenged, pain, discomfort, it takes more energy to use coping strategies of survival, soooo, yesterday a washout, but today, managed to walk 5 km. and now ready to eat some watermelon, to rehydrate, and then some dinner.

Thinkin' I'll roast some new potatoes, green beans, and baby scallops, squeeze lemon over it all S+P and voila, dinner.

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