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Friday, 21 October 2011

Hello World, on a verra grrey October Day.....

This is the inaugural post without any automatic email deliveries.

So..anyone that comes to it is here 'cause they wanna be.
And I feel more freedom to state it like it is.

Yesterday was another day of firsts. My sister Gail invited me to
my first Family Dinner with Gail and Louis, for his birthday.
I met Katie and Shane and they were both grrreat! Real people
that I felt instantly at ease with.
I thoroughly enjoyed their sense of humour and I had a verra
enjoyable time.
We went to one of my favorite Indian Restaurants- Maurya--Yummm

Today we are gonna go to Dressew, Katie wants some material to make
a Yeti costume for Halloween.
Gail called @ 0855h to say she was going to a med clinic as
she has developed a bladder infection.
I hope it's not too long a wait, and she sees someone competent.

Haven't posted since the summer.
Was gone for 7 weeks, and verra glad to be home.
less successful at keeping momentum going re computer lessons
but it's still a goal and on the immediate horizon.

I am doing my lite therapy, and my sleep is starting to
regulate, and some of the oppressive darkness that descended
the last couple of weeks with this uglee fever/flu/and general
ick, is starting to lift. So 3 weeks in bed sick and weak b/c
pervasive nausea prohibited eating anything but pedialyte and

Also 3 weeks no lite therapy, so this week doing lite therapy
between 07-09 and can feel everything start to lift.
See Dr. Tam next week and will continue exploring new
ways to perceive myself and the world with psychology/therapy


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