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Thursday, 3 September 2009

here comes fallllll, arghhh

Food Factoid: Bananas- store unripe bananas on the counter away from sunlight+heat.
(put bananas in open paper bag to speed up ripening)
Once ripened refrigerate: though the peel turns brown flavor and quality are unaffected.
Payoff: vitamin B6 helps prevent cognitive decline. ( and who doesn't need that; Hello)

Still dealing with Dental woes and miseries. Will need 3 crowns to fix the problem permanently, sooo that's what I'll be doin'. 'Nuff 'bout that.

I surely do notice the shorter days, I will do my light-therapy to get a jump on the slump and sleep disturbance that has started. Kinda grey day, kinda feelin' grey, but I had a whole bunch of fresh tomatoes soooo I made my old Mediterranean standby, Pasta(1/2 reg,1/2 wholewheat) with a fresh tomato sauce. Reminded me of a few Dinners in Atlanta with Carol and Barb and Trish. Was Tasteee. Dropped a few butterflied jumbo shrimp to jaz it up.

Not feelin' terribly verbose a ce moment, sooo will sign off. cheers y'all

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