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Friday, 25 September 2009

Well, ready or not here I go............

Wow, how truly out of it was I yesterday, ha, forgot the food/nutrition portion of my blog. (insert laugh here)

Courtesy of the book; Eating Well, Living Well.

As far as diet goes, humans and apes are among the few animals( with the notable exceptions of guinea pigs and some bats) that cannot produce vitamin C on their own and must therefore obtain it from dietary plant sources. Over the course of evolution humans and apes lost the gene coding for L-gulonolactone oxidase, an enzyme involved in the production of vitamin C from sugar. This "genetic disorder" has had little effect on the survival and evolution of apes. Because they consume large quantities of fruits, it is believed their bodies can produce from 10 to 20 timas the amount of vitamin C required!

The acquisition of this plant food was also facilitated by anther genetic mutation that occurred more or less simultaneously, making humans and apes the only mammals that have trichomatic vision. (perception of the colours blue, green, and red). This adaptation played a particularly important role in our evolution, permitting our ancestors to discern ripened red fruits in a predominantly green environment, thereby gaining access to an important food source.

This ability explains women's legendary attraction to the colour pink. Since women were responsible for gathering fruits throughout evolution, the female brain specialized in identifying colours ranging from pink to red, thereby developing a cultural preference for the colours that were synonymous with survival. This sensitivity to pink was hugely important for women in assessing the emotional and health states of family members and friends, by noticing the subtle facial vasodilatations that are associated with emotions.
It also helped develop women's heightened sensitivity to the feelings of others. which is today considered a basic characteristic of the female psyche.

How Cool is all that!!

Now as for moi, it's been a roller coaster week. I've gone from I sooo cannot do this, cannot go away now, and be in someone else's space. Even not sleeping at night I was thinking at least I'm in my own bed, with my home noises and.........

Enough of that, I spoke to Peter on the phone today, and he's gonna meet me at the train station, considering he's 88 years old, taking the 1 hour train ride to get to the main station to meet me, pretty darn good.

Then I called Elaine and her Caitlyn just finished her first week of University and she's psyched. After hearing her voice I am now in let's just get out of here and get going mode.

I spoke to Tim yesterday and I plan on leaving Peter's on Thursday Oct. 1st and head to Tim and sons. Stay there for 4-5 days and then off to see Elaine, Stuart and Caitlyn. Soooo that's it loosely sketched out.

Will hit Public Libraries and Net Cafe's to communicate with y'all.

Pretty much packed except for the last minute stuff.

Soooo, this week I struggled with the whole gotta do everything to a certain standard, the p word. That is why I didn't post anything new. All my focus and energy was going into preparing for this journey. Sharing the emotional ups and downs was too difficult, so here's the quick and dirty.

I had lists upon lists that I would check off as I went, the usual, travel health insurance, advise visa, final appt's with Dentist to adjust my bite from the 3 new crowns that do not seem to fit in my mouth.
See my psychiatrist,catalogue my signs and symptoms and the steps cognitive, nutritive and physically I take to cope with them. I actually admitted to him , that I do not tell him all of what's going on with me because I do not want him to think he's not helping. I did mention the blog and that I felt it was helping me move forward, whatever that will turn out to be.

Doing something different, and as difficult and painful as it is revealing these innermost trials, there is a sensation that pressure is being relieved and something is changing.

I would like to thank everyone for the support and understanding I have received. My heart is full and there seems to be a way forward.

For some reason a swimming analogy has popped into my head, I am no longer drownproofing. I have moved to treading water. Drownproofing is always there when required, but I am keeping it in the back of my mind as a method of last resort, not the mainstay.

Have been feeling a high level of anxiety this week with some panicky feelings, shortness of breath and sweating when I think of the crowds at the airport and being enclosed on the airplane for 9 hours. Soo I have been doing 10 push-ups every time my yoga breathing hasn't been doing the whole job.

Mannnn are my arms chest and abs sore....... this is a good thing.

And so it is.

later y'all

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